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Why Being Really Clear About Your Past Jobs Matters for SSDI

When you're applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), it's super important to be really clear about your past jobs. This might seem like just paperwork, but it makes a big difference in whether you get the support you need.

When you tell the Social Security people about your past work, try to be specific and not leave things out. They want to know what kind of work you've done, what you did each day, and if it was hard physically or mentally.

Here's why it matters: the Social Security folks use your work history to figure out if your health is making it tough for you to work now. So, the more details you give about your old jobs, the better they can understand how your health might be getting in the way.

Don't worry if you didn't have a fancy job or a big education. What matters is explaining your work in a way that shows what you actually did. If you don't give enough info, it might be harder for them to see how your health issues make it tough for you to do a job now.

So, take your time when you're talking about your old jobs. Be really clear about what you did and how it felt. This helps make sure the people deciding on your SSDI application really understand your situation. It's like telling a story about your work life, and the more details you share, the better they can understand and help you.